Gallery Update/ Chester Photoshoot (2006?)

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on November 19th, 2010

I uploaded a grand total of 163 pictures most of them in HQ.

KROQ Halloween Costume Ball (HQ)

Dead By Sunrise KROQ Almost Acoustic Christmas (HQ)

Knebworth, Sonisphere Festival (HQ)

Dead By Sunrise MTV Ulalume Festival

Linkin Park KROQ Breakfast With Kevin and Bean

Also the Mike Shinoda Clan recently found a backstage photoshoot from the concert in New York shot by Chris Owyoung along with some amazing live pictures shot by that same photographer.

And lastly, I found two pictures from an old photoshoot shot back in 2006(?) of Chester. I remember seeing scans of these pictures somewhere so I assume it was for a magazine, probably Rolling Stone.

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