Audio: Chester Talks to Live105 About New Album, Rick Rubin & Incubus Tour

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on April 13th, 2012

Chester recently spoke to live105 radio. The guys have written a bunch of good stuff about him as a prologue before the actual audio interview i which Chester talks about the new album, working with Rick Rubin, the music video for “Burn It Down” as well as CONFIRMING THE INCUBUS TOUR. Listen and download below. Right-click on the links/save as to download.

A few years ago, I had a conversation with Linkin Park’s Chester Bennington.  It wasn’t an interview, it wasn’t recorded… it was just two guys talking about stuff.  He came to LIVE 105 promoting his Dead By Sunrise project. After an on-air interview with No Name, Chester walked into my studio to record some radio production (that you can still hear on the station to this day).  What followed was a really cool 20 minute chat.

He was asking me about the ins-and-outs of radio whereas I wanted to know what the hell it’s like to be in the biggest f***ing band in the world. He was really cool and in a confident place… I saw first hand just how down to Earth this cat is.  Bennington is humble and thankful for everything he has.  He doesn’t seem to let Linkin Park’s success (or the pressures of fame) get to him.  He’s just a guy with an incredible voice who loves what he does.  He never takes it for granted and I’ve had tremendous respect for him since we talked.

His attitude seems to be mirrored by the rest of his band-mates.  They are not the slightest bit insecure on any level.  They do what they want to do and I believe this attitude will be heard on the new record (due in a few months).  You’ll hear bits and pieces from Linkin Park’s entire career.

They’ve always had a core sound, but in an effort to constantly reinvent, the band routinely experiments with every release. Whether it’s the aggressive sounds of Hybrid Theory (the world’s highest selling album since 2000) and Meteora, the envelope-pushing music heard on Minutes to Midnight or the concept album A Thousand Suns; Linkin Park constantly move forward. However, this time around the band will reflect on its past a little.  Fans should expect a classic sounding Linkin Park record.  Take a few slices from their first four releases and BOOM… Album #5.

Listen this Monday (April 16th) for the world premiere of “Burn it Down”, the first single from the new album.

Working with Rick Rubin:

The New Album:

“Burn It Down” Music Video

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