Mike Shinoda LPU Chat April 14th, 2012

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on April 14th, 2012
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Mike came into the LPU chat unannounced at first, then he tweeted about it. Here are some of the most important things Mike said:

Unannounced Chat:

  • Talked about the spin magazine article.
  • Talked about “Razors Out” and how much he liked it.
  • Asked if we have read the Kerrang! article (where Chester said “ATS was bonkers”) and what we thought of it.
  • He said calling him “Mr. Shinoda” is proper.
  • He drew Garfield.
  • He said he couldn’t get through puzzle number two and asked what fans thought of it.
Announced Chat:
  • Asked if everyone knew the album title already and everyone answered “Living Things” but Mike didin’t say anything.
  • Image on lp.com is the single cover for “Burn It Down”
  • Tour announcements on Monday.
  • “(Many) album release dates: Monday”
  • Album presales on Monday, not everywhere though.
  • Said the band is gonna be on Loveline TWICE.
  • Said he doesn’t know about “Deluxe” edition albums.
  • Said “The Raid: Redemption” is going crazy and that it sucks that not everyone can see it with his score, but it’ll eventually go out on DVD.
  • Thanked for supporting the band and being excited about the new music.
  • No more 8-bit Rebbelion updates.
  • “It’s always awesome to come back with new stuff and have people excited about it!” -Mike
  • Says the Spin article is pretty on-point about the new record and that we should all go read it.
  • “You are all awesome. I have to go. BYE
  • “MONDAY IS THE DAY”  -Mike

Screenshots coming.

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