Interview + Photo; Mike Talks to RockFM

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on June 08th, 2012
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RockFM interviewed Mike before he went on stage in Romania, it was a brief interview and here’s a picture from it.

Rock FM – Hello, Mike! 

Mike Shinoda – Hello 

Rock FM – I’m glad we can finally see you.

Mike Shinoda – Yes, it’s great that we eventually got five minutes to discuss. 

Rock FM – I was rushing because I wanted to have as much information as possible to transfer to people. 

Mike Shinoda – Perfect! 

Rock FM – This is the first time you visit Romania. I do not want to ask if there will be surprises in this concert. I’ll just say that it is necessary that your setlist contains your best of. 

Mike Shinoda – Right. We have many albums and want to go through the whole discography. We want to get to many places but sometimes we can’t … but now we are here and we want to offer fans an unforgettable memory. 

Rock FM – your new album is on the verge of its release.What is the stage of production? 

Mike Shinoda – It is recorded, mixed, mastered. Everything is ready. We managed to compose some very good pieces, I say. It is a combination of all albums so far.We tried to capture the essence of Linkin Park. I hope you will enjoy. 

Rock FM – Tell me what you think about everything that’s being downloaded off of the Internet. Everyone takes music without paying anything. You are a group that managed to sell over 50 million albums. Sales fell significantly in 2012. 

Mike Shinoda – Right. That is exactly what happens. It’s not bad when people just listen to new music online. But I think if you love something, finally buy that product. This is the least respect you can show to an artist. Listen on the net and if you like then buy. If not, no. Otherwise … what happens now is unstoppable. Nobody can stop the theft of billions of dollars. Many artists gave up music because of it. It is quite difficult. 

Rock FM – Thanks much for your time. Good Luck on stage! 

Mike Shinoda – Thank you. I hope you like what we do today on stage!

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