Video: Mike & Anna Shinoda on Loveline

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on March 28th, 2014
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Mike and Anna Shinoda were on Loveline last night to discuss Anna’s upcoming novel ‘Learning Not To Drown’ and probably some Linkin Park stuff, I haven’t been able to watch this yet. Anyway, have fun watching the almost two hours Shinoda goodness!

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Video Interview: Mike Shinoda Talks About His RECHARGED Remixes

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on December 14th, 2013
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On a newly added segment of Artisan News’ interview with Mike Shinoda, he’s discussing his very own RECHARGED contribution remixes ‘CASTLE OF GLASS’ & ‘VICTIMIZED’.

Mike Shinoda’s Q&A on Facebook

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on November 08th, 2013
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Mike Shinoda answered some great questions today via the Linkin Park Facebook page. You can read his entire Q&A below.

Steven Zeiler u guys use ti be the best in the world now ur the most overrated band . ur music sucks now sorry guys but wow ..

Linkin Park Thanks for your feedback.


AN NA Why you don´t remixed IN MY REMAINS ?

Linkin Park GREAT QUESTION. We actually didn’t get a great remix of the song. We liked all these remixes a lot more…maybe that means we got it right on the original of IN MY REMAINS? HA


Sára Blahová Hi Mike, please how does LP RECHARGE support Music For Relief?? Thx

Linkin Park MFR is currently supporting clean cookstove projects, to combat respiratory disease, deforestation, and support sustainable, clean cooking. If you’re wondering how all these things could be connected, go here:


Elisa Zini Of what kind will be your next album? More similar to Living Things or another type?

Linkin Park Different, of course.


Sara Klim What about new tour?

Linkin Park Keep an eye on for confirmed dates. Any other “news” isn’t as reliable


Jamie Milne Im wondering why you have gone over to this new style , what brought it to your minds?

Linkin Park When we put out LIVING THINGS, we gave free remixes to everyone who bought it from — we got so many good ones, we decided to make an album out of them.


Miriam Cristina Do you prefer the X Factor or The Voice?

Linkin Park No a big reality / talent show TV watcher. The shows I’m into right now are Walking Dead, House Of Cards, sometimes Homeland.


Ashley Adkins I want to be famous where do I start??

Linkin Park Therapy.


Korey T Harrison Whats being said in Announcement Service Public?…………

Linkin Park Google it. I can’t wait for you to find out.


Nisim Gershon You thought to appear in TomorrowLand?

Linkin Park That would be fun. I love Space Mountain and Captain EO.


Kelly L. Here’s another question:

What was the most weirdest thing that inspired you to rap about?

Linkin Park Probably Japanese internment in the US during World War II. Felt like such a weird thing to make a rap song about, that’s why I did it.


Camila Barros Mike ,you do really cosplay star wars ?

Linkin Park


Jeff Boschmann What’s an area that you think our society needs to improve on, when it comes to helping those in need?

Linkin Park “Giving” is an important thing to do. When we were young, we focused on “getting presents”, and as we got older, we learned that there is a mature, intangible joy from giving. Find something you connect with and get involved. Give whatever you have to spare.


Jill HU Novotny When new CD come out?

Linkin Park When it’s done


Elizabeth Cahill How is the bands writing process affected by chester being on tour and stuff with STP

Linkin Park He’s made himself pretty available–we worked together most of this week, actually:


Fernanda Pamonha Mike, you’re bad, you know it?

Linkin Park (Links to MJ’s “Bad”)


Franco Mascolo Who is your favorite Laker legend?

Linkin Park Magic + Kareem + Worthy + AC Green


Sabina Sabina Are you good at maths or physics? Will you do my homework ahah

Linkin Park I’m better at math, you’d probably have to ask Dave about physics.


Berwin Asker Vargas Will Fort Minor ever return?

Linkin Park I have no plans at this time, but I’m open to it.


Amber Qualm Hi Mike! I’ve always found the cover art for the Linkin Park albums to be very interesting. What does the proces of creating cover art look like for you guys? Do you design with the intent to capture the sound of the album in the art for example? Thank you so much for the music, the art and the inspiration!

Linkin Park Thanks. It’s different every time. For the last two, we took thematic cues from the music and lyrics. ATS: destruction, confusion, abstraction. LT: organic vs. non-organic, for example.


Dante White What kind of guitars are you and Brad using for the new album, and what is the new album about?

Linkin Park So far, in general: PRS, Tele, Strat, and a little SG. Album’s concepts are still coming together.


Colin Reid Mike: Will you be playing “Hybrid Theory” in it’s entirety for other UK arena shows?

Linkin Park I would say it’s unlikely we’ll play the whole thing.


Carlos Eduardo Do you prefer popcorn or chester?

Linkin Park Those are my only options?


Laura Vessey Do you think that Linkin Park will ever revisit the days of Hybrid Theory or Meteora?

Linkin Park Donington Park between June 13 and 15.


Jeremy Truax How come you guys went with this new style instead of reverting back to an album like Meteora or Hybrid Theory??

Linkin Park Constant exploration, experimentation, evolution. It’s not a straight line (in other words, we’re not traveling away from the first album); for example ATS->LT


Phạm Việt Trung “In an interview Chester again said that LP’s next album will be Death metal and It will release on 2014.
And They also Bring Nu-Metal On that. The era of Hybrid Theory & Meteora will come back again….”
It’s true???

Linkin Park No.


Arzeya Enderson Did you ever stroke Rick Rubin’s beard in the studio to get ideas?

Linkin Park Rick strokes his own beard enough. He doesn’t need our help.


Carlotta Di Nicola If you answer me , i’ll give you a cookie.

Linkin Park Cookie.


Linkin Park OK EVERYONE…it was fun answering your questions. Don’t forget, MFR is working on this clean cookstove program:

In Nepal, electricity is a privilege unavailable to most poor families in the Terai Arc Region. Because of this, they rely on thousands of pounds of wood a year for cooking . This leads to a huge number of trees being cut down, wildlife losing their habitat and women and children becoming sick or dying prematurely due to smoke inhalation. We are challenging you to raise funds to help provide families with clean, biogas cookstoves to benefit people, wildlife, and the planet. Click below to help.

Each person who raises $565 (the average cost of one biogas system) by November 22nd is entered to win two tickets to see Linkin Park at a SUPER SECRET SHOW in January.


Hypetrak: A Conversation w/ Mike Shinoda

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on November 05th, 2013
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Hypetrak  posted an interview they did w/ Mike. He discusses the past and present of the rap-rock component, the collaboration w/ Steve Aoki and also eliminates the possibility of him going back to his red hair as he says it was the worst decision he has ever made.

P.S: This being said we can all forget about the possibility of Linkin Park showing up on next year’s Download Festival like the did on the “One Step Closer” music video, haha.

Linkin Park has always seen a strong vocal interplay between you and Chester Bennington, would you say this is one of the band’s core aesthetics?
One of the best parts about having two vocalists with different voices is that we have an expanded palette. Plus, we both grew up listening to different things, so it allows for a wider range of approaches when it comes to writing and performing. Over time, we’ve experimented with a lot of different styles, too, dipping into different genres and mashing them together. I think it’s one of the things that makes what we do fun.

Linkin Park is one of the prominent bands of early noughties that fluently blended rock and rap. How do you think this sound has influenced musicians that came after?
We obviously learned from those that came before us, who experimented with blending genres. There were so many, like Zeppelin, Run DMC, Public Enemy, The Beatles, Rage Against The Machine. We were a product of a lot of things. These days, some of my favorite music is borderless, genre-less. It’s almost like skin color–when you’re living in a place where people are separated and race is an issue, you’re more conscious of it; when you live in a place where people of many races live closely together, you don’t notice differences in as much of a conscious way, if that makes sense.

Where do you think rock and rap lie right now? Would you say they’re even more compatible than before?
Yes and no. There are a lot of rap artists who are doing interesting things, from Kanye and Pusha to Odd Future and Kendrick. I like the A$AP stuff, and I’m excited for new Schoolboy Q music. Rock music is having a bit of a personality crisis; I feel like the heavier stuff isn’t as innovative as I want it to be, and a lot of artists are tending toward the other end of the spectrum, towards indie / pop stuff, which I feel is getting a bit over-saturated and boring. When an artists blend complex styles in a tasteful or fun way–like Purity Ring, Santigold, Haim, or Arctic Monkeys, I think that’s exciting.

How did you approach Living Things? Did you keep the fans of Hybrid Theory in mind when producing this album?
First and foremost, writing an album has to be a creative process for us. I want all six of us in the band to love it. Getting there is usually a product of experimentation and creative stretching, not to mention a lot of time. On our two previous albums (Minutes To Midnight and A Thousand Suns), we were trying to stretch ourselves to make music that was far away from what we already knew. On Living Things, we were looking for ways to combine all the styles and ideas we had come up with in the past few years, to bring it all together.

Technology has changed how music’s been produced and delivered in the last 10 years, how has this effected the band’s own process? Could you share with us your live set-up now?
Our first demos were on cassette. When we put out a mailing lists at our early shows, more than half the fans wrote down a snail mail address because they weren’t using email yet. We’ve come from there to being the biggest band on Facebook, which is a testament to the band’s focus on technology. But when it comes to music gear, it doesn’t have to be the newest piece of gear–it has to be the one that gets us the sound we want. With the amount of options out there in the world, we like to be cognizant of limiting the amount of gear we use. I heard Tom Morello say that he uses the same guitar pedal board every time, because he knows his pedal board and it gives him “his sound.”
In the studio and on your computer, there are thousands of different reverbs, keyboard sounds, distortion effects. We want to experiment enough to know which ones we like, then know a lot about our favorite few, rather than knowing a little about a lot.

In August, you guys collaborated with Steve Aoki to perform “A Light That Never Comes,” what can you tell us about the collaboration? What are the certain aesthetics that you and Aoki both share?
The song came about in a pretty organic way. I originally reached out to him on Twitter to do a remix, I think. Instead of that, we started trading ideas on a new song. I think one of the things that clicked was that we simply get along well, and this demo turned into something that seems to showcase our individual styles pretty well–even though it’s a departure for both artists. As far as aesthetics we share, I would definitely say that musically, we both have a focus on attention to sonic details. Separate from the music, I’d say that both artists also represent a culture that has a deep connection with each other and with the music–it’s more than “songs” and “shows”, there’s something deeper that it’s really all about.

Datsik and KillSonik have been enlisted on Linkin Park’s Recharged album. Known to draw influences from hardcore, dubstep and electronic elements, would it be fair to say that the current state of EDM and U.S. dubstep to be contemporary interpretations of what Linkin Park did in 2000?
I think EDM artists are making some exciting music right now, but 2000 was a different time altogether, for many reasons. Music sales were booming, the mp3 hadn’t really arrived, social media didn’t exist, MTV reigned. Rap and rock artists were reacting to the mega-pop phenomenon of Britney and N*Sync. And at the end of the year, Hybrid Theory outsold Britney worldwide, which was a coup. Today, I think things are flowing in and out of one another more smoothly, with more musical adeptness, and more fans have a cultivated, discerning taste.

What were your best and worst career decisions?
Best: deciding to finish art school before getting serious with music. Worst: Red hair dye.

Audio: Linkin Park on Talking w/ Your Tech

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on October 17th, 2013

The audio edition of Linkin Park’s entire interview w/ USA Today’s Jefferson Graham is now available on soundcloud. Listen to Mike and Joe discuss everything from the music video of “A LIGHT THAT NEVER COMES” to playing Halo in this 26 minute long interview.

Video: A LIGHT THAT NEVER COMES – Steve Aoki & Mike Shinoda Web Chat

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on October 16th, 2013
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This video was uploaded by Steve Aoki a few days ago, it’s showing him and Mike discussing A LIGHT THAT NEVER COMES through Skype before they even performed it in Tokyo.

Video: Ask Anything Chat w/ Mike Shinoda & Steve Aoki

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on October 13th, 2013

Mike Shinoda & Steve Aoki answered fan questions on Ask Anything Chat, Mike confirmed a Linkin Park tour next year, a new album and A LIGHT THAT NEVER COMES music video which will be in 3D and will be out any day now, I’m assuming October 15th.

Audio: “New Stuff Coming Probably Next Year” Mike Shinoda & Steve Aoki Interviewed By 97x

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on October 09th, 2013

Except the LP Steve Aoki Collaboration for A LIGHT THAT NEVER COMES, Mike talked about Chester w/ STP, easing fans minds that Linkin Park is still together and have been recording new music before saying and I quote, “getting ready to put out new stuff, probably next year”. He also talked about Reanimation and RECHARGED remix albums.




Audio: Mike Shinoda & Steve Aoki Interviewed By x1075 LV

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on October 08th, 2013
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While Chester is being interviewed by almost every single radio station out there, Mike is doing his own interviews with Steve Aoki to talk about RECHARGED  & ALTNC. Mike and Steve told x1075, Las Vegas that the song will be played live again.

Chris Jackson spoke with Mike Shinoda of Linkin Park and Steve Aoki about their collaboration on the new LP single, “A Light That Never Comes”. 

Aoki spoke on how the collaboration came to be, and Mike discussed the creative process behind putting the song together.

Plus they talked about the new Linkin Park video game, remix album, and the possibility of Mike joining Aoki in a cake throwing performance!


Audio: Mike Interviewed By Live 105 Radio Station

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on September 16th, 2013
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Here’s an interview, Miles the DJ from Live105 radio had with Mike Shinoda discussing A LIGHT THAT NEVER COMES, Rick Rubin and the next Linkin Park album!

Listen here.

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