Photos; Mike Shinoda at Sundance Film Festival

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on January 21st, 2012
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Yesterday, Mike attended the Sundance Film Festival in Park City, Utah for the screening of “The Raid”. Check out the photos from the red carpet and not only.

LPU Auctions / Mike Talks New Album in Kerrang!

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on January 18th, 2012

The LPU is launching a new auction this Friday. Head over to to check out the awesome items.

We will be launching a new LPU auction this Friday, January 20 at 10:30 AM PST. LPU Auctions is a brand new benefit we launched during LPUX, and we’re excited to offer this benefit during LPU11. Head over to now to check out the items and register on the site. You must register with the auction site in order to bid on items. Only LPU members will be able to register.

If you have any issues with registering or logging in please email us and we will assist you as soon as we can.

On new album news, Mike talked to Kerrang! about what we can expect off of the new Linkin Park album which is most likely scheduled for release within 2012.

“We’ve got a good rhythm. There’s always a point with each record where we really get our focus and start to generate a lot of material and over the past month and a half we’ve really hit that point. We’re hitting the studio pretty hard right now.”

Rest of the interview on LPA.

Picture; Mike & Dave at Schwarzlicht Minigolf in Berlin

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on January 13th, 2012

Schwarzlicht Minigolf’s facebook page shared this picture of Mike and Dave. This was probably shot when Linkin Park had scheduled a “Transformers: Dark Of The Moon” screening with fans in Berlin near June/July. Although Mike is wearing a beanie in the picture and Phoenix is wearing a scarf but also a short sleeved tee so the date this was shot confuses me. Schwarzlicht Minigolf shared this on December 16th. Click for full size.

Video: Mike Talks to TMI @ KROQ Almost Acoustic Christmas

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on January 11th, 2012
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TMI caught up with Mike backstage at the KROQ Almost Acoustic Christmas! Check the video out below.


Picture; Mike Interviewed by Japanese “Rockin’On” Magazine

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on December 19th, 2011

Back when LP was in Japan Mike was interviewed by Rockin’on. It’s a Japanese magazine, you can read the small interview below as well as another article posted by them. Props to Aki for the translation, I wouldn’t have done it without him.

Linkin Park! The show at Makuhari Messe has just finished. We could do the interview with Mike right before the show. I thought he was nervous about the show but he was calm. I’m surprised; his aura can make the people that he meets calm down. I asked him what they think about the new album which is so different from their past albums though we had only a few minutes to ask. And also about their next album. As for the show, it was awesome that they kept their views of the new album and played their popular songs in the latter half. It seemed the setlist was very different from the the shows in Korea and Hong Kong. I also had an interview with Brad. We’ll post both articles on next Rockin’on.

In our latest issue, there are articles about the interview with Mike Shinoda and Brad Delson from Linkin Park that came to Japan for the first time in 2 years. We did the interview with them for 10 minutes each on the day of the show at Makuhari Messe. Frankly speaking, there were 2 subjects I’ve wanted to ask them “What they think about the new album that is difficult to understand” and “What the next album is going to be like” Both are very difficult to answer but their answers were straightforward. For more information, we want you to get our magazine, but Linkin Park nowadays are getting over the problem to revive ATS as a show and getting tough as a band. And they already started working on the next album with Rick Rubin again .I mean it’s very good. As for the show, I was initially afraid that they were going to play a dark and hard to grasp kind of concert but they did great enough to make me forget about it. Linkin Park is Linkin Park. I feel relieved. And one more thing that surprised me was the visit to the place hit by the earthquake and tsunami that they scheduled. Many artists from foreign countries said they were supporting people in Japan but how many have actually visited the place? I thought they were going to do that because they held a charity event on the day before the show. I was really moved by that action.

Video; Mike Demos EHX Gear

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on December 17th, 2011
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EHX (Electro Harmonix) has posted a video of Mike using their gear in the studio! Check it out below.


Video; Christmas Message from Mike Shinoda

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on December 13th, 2011
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While Mike was at the Kroq Almost Acoustic Christmas event he recorded a little message for us. The video’s old but the uploader put it up 30 mins ago. Oh well whatever it is, Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays evryone!

MediaGlobal; Linkin Park Says Disaster Victims are “Not Alone”

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on December 12th, 2011

MediaGlobal caught up with Mike and Brad about PowerTheWorld campaign. It’s not an interview or anything just a few words from each one of them. Read below.

As part of their Music for Relief campaign, the rock band Linkin Park released their new video for their track “Not Alone” on last month at United Nations headquarters.

Welcomed by Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon, who thanked the band for using their music to help those displaced victims of the Indian Ocean Tsunami. Since 2005, the Music for Relief campaign has planted over 955,000 trees and raised upwards of $4 million to help victims of natural disasters around the world. Most recently their efforts have helped those displaced by the earthquake in Haiti.

“We’re partnering up with designers to bring affordable lighting to these people,” said Mike Shinoda, co-lead vocalist of the band to MediaGlobal. “The prices start at about $5 each – I think that’s very cost effective,” lead guitarist Brad Delson quipped. “And they look cool!”

Shinoda stressed the importance of bringing lights to the victims, saying that many were using kerosene and dung to light up their houses, both of which emit toxins that ultimately lead to preventable deaths. This is the first project for the band on behalf of Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon’s“Sustainable Energy for All” project. They will be partnering with the Haiti Regeneration Initiative (HRI) and the UN Environment Programme (UNEP).

The video, with footage filmed by the United Nations depicting images of victims of the earthquake in Haiti, is a way to create awareness. As Shinoda and his fellow band members continue to work with the UN, they are calling on their legions of fans to come together and help them to help those in need.


Mike, Dave & Rob at the KROQ Almost Acoustic Christmas 2011

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on December 12th, 2011

According to all the tweets from Mike and Ted Stryker the trio attended #KROQXmas. A couple of pictures of Mike have surfaced backstage, but that’s all when it comes to that.

Here are some tweets relevant to the guys.

Ted Stryker Val Kilmer , @Pink , Shawn White, Shinoda, Phoenix, Rob Bourdon, all bands that performed and the fans….Thanks for coming to #KROQXmas

TedStryker @m_shinoda I saw you tonight but we did not converse. Talked to Phoenix, so happy you were at the show.

Twitter Music …and with that, we’re done for the night. Thanks @kroq@fosterthepeople @tedstryker @m_shinoda + all the other folks here at #KROQxmas!

Twitter Music Hey! Look, who we found… @M_Shinoda of @LinkinPark#kroqxmas

KROQ Spotted backstage at #KROQXMAS @linkinpark‘s Mike Shinoda!

Video; Mike Talks at Billboard Film & TV Music Conference Panel

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on November 17th, 2011
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We had previously posted small excerpts of this panel which were one or two minutes long. Well here’s a 10 minute long video of Mike talking into the panel. The uploader says this is just part 1 so expect part 2 soon.