Video: Ask Anything Chat w/ Mike Shinoda & Steve Aoki

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on October 13th, 2013

Mike Shinoda & Steve Aoki answered fan questions on Ask Anything Chat, Mike confirmed a Linkin Park tour next year, a new album and A LIGHT THAT NEVER COMES music video which will be in 3D and will be out any day now, I’m assuming October 15th.

Linkin Park Prepare New Music Video / SNL Ask Anything Chat w/ Mike & Steve Aoki

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on October 07th, 2013

Linkin Park is preparing the music video of their new song w/ Steve Aoki “A LIGHT THAT NEVER COMES” as revealed by Joe Hahn, who even uploaded a couple of photo teasers on instagram for us fans. Apparently Joe will once again direct the band’s new video in collaboration with Ghost Town and Dell.

mrjoehahn: Working on the next video. Be prepared! @steveaoki@linkinpark #ghosttown #dell

mrjoehahn: a light that never comes! #destroy

On another note  Mike and Steve Aoki will be on Saturday NightOnline with @RomeoOnSNOL for an @AskAnythingChat on 10/12 at 8 PM EST. Go here to send in your questions:

Photos: Stone Temple Pilots Live in Sunrise, FL

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on September 18th, 2013
ChesterBNetwork_STP_Sunrise_FL (78)

UPDATE: Added 85 photos.

Photos from last night’s STP show in Florida are in the gallery right now. Chester went completely bald again!

view more images from this album

I also got a few pics from the show in Newkirk.

REMINDER: Today STP will be video chatting with fans! Keep checking our twitter we’ll announce when the chat’s about to start. Aproximately 11 hours from now.

LPU Chat w/ Phoenix

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on January 18th, 2013

Phoenix will be video chatting exclusively with LPU members on Wednesday, January 23 at 1:00pm PT. Be sure to arrive early as spots in the chat room may be limited. Date and time subject to change.

Joe Hahn Linkin Park Underground Chat Summary – 5.30.2012

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on May 30th, 2012

Joe Hahn Linkin Park Underground Chat – 5.30.2012

Due to a bad internet connection on Joe’s end I was only able to get a partial transcript of what took place.

-Says just played Rock in Rio, and never heard of Rock in Ree.

-Says he’s doing fine.

-Says thank you to those waiting for Joe in Japan.

-Says they will play twinkle twinkle little star in Russia, and Justin Bieber’s greatest hits.

-Says his favorite part is something about unicorns and crashing.

-Says he read a book called We 3.

-Says don’t ask him to play in people’s countries.

-Says he thinks dub step is cool.

-Says he likes The Avengers.

-Says LPU Roadie job is cool.

-Says he hasn’t played the new Star Wars Game.

-Says he doesn’t like lemon pie.

-Says maybe to toning down the lightness effects at shows.

-Says he be right back.

If you like to see more screenshots from this chat please click Joe Hahn’s face!

Joe Hahn LPU Chat on May 30th

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on May 29th, 2012

Joe Hahn will be video chatting exclusively with LPU members tomorrow at 12:15pm PT from backstage at the Skive Festival in Skive, Denmark. If you’re not a member, join the LPU today at so you can take part in the chat and take advantage of all the benefits the LPU offers. – Via Facebook!

Adam LPU Chat 4/14/2012

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on April 14th, 2012
under: Video Chats

-Has heard parts of the new album.

-Likes Burn it Down every time he listens to it.

-Whoever leaked the Burn it Down song will be in legal trouble.

-Lost in the Echo from the new album is one of his favorite songs.

-At home.

-Was at the screening of The Raid: Redemption.

-Not confirming or denying what’s true and not true.

-Doesn’t know who LP2K2012 twitter is. It’s not LPU Management.

-Didn’t sleep well.

-Never been to France

-Touring with Linkin Park doing the Meet & Greets, pictures, and some other stuff.

-Might need translators when talking to fans later on.

-Thought the fanbase would lose their mind when Chester walked out wearing the Meteora glasses.

-Doesn’t know when the track list is going to be released.

-Only confirmed things are on

-Uprising did the Burn it Down games.

-Not into video games.

-Not into Italy.

-Official Job Title is Marketing Manager.

-Extremely fortunate to have the job, and Linkin Park is a real great band to work with.

-Band asks him what the fans want

-Likes How I met your mother, dexter, shameless, and homeland.

-Never watched Game of Thrones.

-New Found Glory is his favorite band.

-Tom Hanks is his favorite celebrity, and Apollo 13 is his favorite movie.

-Wayne Gretzy he thinks is the greatest athlete of all time.

-Thinks Never Say Never really shows how his fanbase really supports him, and how Justin really appreciates his fanbase.

-Doesn’t listen to Muse.

-Doesn’t watch Hockey anymore.

-Loves Blink 182.

-Doesn’t know anything yet about upcoming summits.

-Liked Germany.

-Has no control over where LP tour.

-Really likes the songs on the new album.

-Lying from you and Burning in the skies are his two favorite songs.

-Won’t describe what the new album sounds like.

-Lots of plans for the upcoming week.

-Doesn’t know if Mike did the new artwork for the album.

-Doesn’t have a dog.

-Mike’s trolling is hilarious.

-Last time he saw Linkin Park was at the video shoot he thinks.

-Doesn’t like Kevin & Bean from KROQ

-Likes Opie (?) and Anthony.

-Talking on the phone something about phones-

-Says it’s a car dealership to buy his car-

-First time met Linkin Park was at the Leave out all the Rest video shoot.

-Loves Apple

-Can’t put LPU CDs in the package for reasons he won’t tell us.

-Doesn’t like dubstep.

-Never been to Portugal.

-Loves LPU11, and loves Ground Ctrl.

-Lorenzo went back to Philadelphia to finish school.

-Doesn’t like hiring fans, because of the liability issue.

-Lorenzo’s resume was great that he felt the need to call him, and have him intern for him.

-Would love an LPU app.

-Doesn’t know next video chat.

-Doesn’t know what the random video Mike tweeted about was.

-Won’t describe the cover.

-Have to play by arena rules with festivals. One of the reasons why can’t host summits at them a lot.

-Might be in St. Petersburg, but there will be no summit there.

-Doesn’t know when the next summit will be, and neither does the band; because he hasn’t asked them yet.

-Would like to have beer with fans.

-Still working on merchandise.

-has no idea what LPU12 will look like.

-Doesn’t know what Music For Relief are doing.

-Didn’t like DC shirts for the LP.

-Says he gets snow in California.

-Love Switzerland.

-Early entry going to be sweet.

-LPU early entry get let in the line up, by showing their LPU lament; and he thinks that the early entry is only maybe 15 minutes before the public does.

-Would like to walk on Red Square.

-Might be able to bring a friend with LPU early entry people. Still work in progress.

-Will have LPU11 CD at meet & greet. Will accept Credit Card and Cash.

-Doesn’t know any ridiculous story connected to Linkin Park.

-Stressful job, and the upcoming 4 months going to be crazy; and probably the rest of the year.

-Sees his job as his long term career path.

-Never been in a fanclub.

-All summit rumors are false.

-No tattoos.

-300 Meet & Greet submissions in Moscow.

-Doesn’t know what doing with LPU Store yet.

-Doesn’t know what LPU12 CD will sound like.

-Adam puts the Meet & Greet together.

-Doesn’t know what he’s having for lunch.

-Also chooses the monthly giveaway.

-Not every LPU Member gets accepted in the Meet & Greet.

-A mac user

-Will autograph something.

-His Birthday is April 17th

-Heard four new songs.

-Talks to the band a lot in email. Mike more then anyone else.

-Doesn’t have a favorite member, but Phoenix is the funniest.

-Does like LP Fans.

-Wasn’t a Linkin Park fan before he started working with them, and has actually told them this. Just didn’t care for them.

-Likes Fender

-Will attend most shows this year.

-Started working for Linkin Park four years ago.

-Says you can bring whales to get signed.

-Not sure if Hugo will be on tour this time.

-Doesn’t want to work with New Found Glory.

-Doesn’t like heavy metal.

-Bring ID if you don’t have your laminate.

-Worked with other bands, and with a record label called The Militia Group.

-Going to eat lunch soon.

-Goes in about 9:30 AM and leaves around 6:30 PM.

-Has no pets.

-Has no idea what Linkin Park will play.

-Never played Silent Hill.

-He would like to be Phoenix if he could be a member of Linkin Park.

-Reading a book he forgot what it was called.

-Does not call Dave by his nickname when he seems him.

-Friends with Mark Fiore.

-Won’t call the band.

-His name is German. His great-grandfather came to the USA from Germany.

-Doesn’t see Mark Fiore a lot, but does talk to him on the phone or e-mail.

-In German his last name pronounced like “rumor (Rue-Muhr)” in the USA it’s pronounced “Re-mer.”

-Leaves after saying bye.

Pooch LPU Chat 4/14/2012

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on April 14th, 2012
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-Broadcasting from his house, and well be helping Slash in the Hall of Fame awards.

-Worked for Linkin Park for 6 years.

-Rehearses three weeks before actually start the tour.

-Will be helping out during the US tour.

-Doesn’t know where Linkin Park is touring in the summer and the fall.

-Hasn’t heard any of the new songs.

-Thinks major rehearsals will happen after the Europe tour.

-Still messing with DSP stuff unless licensing forbids it.

-When he was mixing Limp Bizkit on a stadium tour, Linkin Park’s management heard him, and asked him to help them during their own gig.

-Willl try to release more blogs once a month.

-Has worked with Van Halen, and turned them down during the summer to work with Linkin Park.

-Has a wife, a dog, and no kids.

-Has a lot of nephew and nieces in teenage years/.

-Has a Boxer dog named penny.

-Studied at Berkley College of Music, and studied the bass guitar.

-Favorite waves plug in is C6. *Waves are an electronic computer company device to incorporate sound.

-Hardest songs from ATS were difficult to mix live.

-Loved mixing Hybrid Theory and Meteora the most.

-He has mixed Robot Roy in rehearsals. *Linkin Park does rehearse songs they don’t play live backstage to have in their back pocket.

-Has a special connection to Chester, because of Dead by Sunrise since he helped mix with them.

-Brad wears headphones to protect his hearing, and worn them since the beginning; and has very sensitive hearing.

-In Ears are basically headphones, and they are custom molded to ones ears. When plugged in the monitor guy is mixing for them what the bands needed to hear.

-Every DSP is a new experience for him mainly because the environment where Linkin Park is playing is different. The audience changes how the DSP sounds, and that’s why it is unique in tone and sound. In his opinion each DSP should have different characteristics in them, and also depends on how he is feeling that day.

-Soccer Stadiums are his favorite venues, because the bigger the shows the bigger the screaming fans are.

-Doesn’t find Linkin Park boring after working with them for 6 years. He thinks it’s a challenge to make them sound different during each show.

-A DSP is a Digital Souvenir Package. The Ability to go download any of the shows, and has never downloaded a DSP from a DSP site.

-Has never mixed with Avenged Sevenfold.

-Brad has Randle Pre-Amps that change the tone to his guitar to distorted to clean tone sound.

-Has records from Everclear, Slash, Kid Rock, and others on the wall behind him.

-have to play by sound laws in the venues, and makes the day more changes.

-Sports venues designed to get louder during their games, and made for those games; not really for music.

-Loves Israel, and on one of his days off he went to Jerusalem.

-Favorite Bass Guitar is older made models.

-Says Russia and Russian fans are awesome.

-Asks who doesn’t love beer and bacon?

-Has mixed a gig in Chez Republic.

-Doesn’t know a perfect band, but every band he works with has had their own twist. Loves working with Slash, but really enjoys working with Linkin Park; and turns down gigs to go back to them.

–Pretty close to the band, but not go to their house to hang out with them close.

-The Beach Boys was his first concert.

-Saw Van Halen Life changing concert in 1984, and mixing rock n roll bands was his calling.

-Working at a Boy Scout Camp was his first job.

-Being a Medic was close second to working with music.

-Has made mistakes while on tour. When digital consoles first came out, and he didn’t know there were two plug ins; so he accidently uploaded blank sounds for 15 seconds.

-Doesn’t know anything about live CDs coming out soon.

-Has no free time just kidding, but his wife and him like to travel like cruises. Last cruise he went on is around Italy and Spain.

-Listens to anything from classic to hard hard rock.

-He’s 42 years old, and doesn’t like Justin Bieber.

-He thinks sometime in later 2012 or 2013 they might play Japan.

-Not a super big fan of Jay-z, but has worked with Ice Cube in the 90s.

-Likes Billy Talent.

-Hopes to do Summits in Australia, but some coming up soon.

-Does a que per a song, and the most he’s done per a song is three, and some manually.

-Wants fans to come say hi, and loves to talk to fans. If he has time during a show he’ll stop and talk.

-In Australia a few years ago a whole crowd sang happy birthday to him. This was the coolest thing to him.

-Loves System of a Down, and great guys to work for. Last year he was suppose to mix with them, but was with Linkin Park that time.

-Done a few tours around Korn and Limp Bizkit. Mixed SNL with Korn a few years ago, but not a super big fan of their music; but really cool to work with.

-Likes 80s hair metal.

-Mixed with Motley Crue, Slaughter, and some others.

-Thinks System of a Down and Linkin Park playing together would be really cool.

-Won’t tell us what bands are touring with Linkin Park during their American tour.

-Doesn’t like 30 Seconds to Mars.

-Loves Muse.

-Doesn’t know anything about the Linkin Park Flash Mob in Moscow.

-Mixed a Tony Tony record which went platinum and mixed with Ice Cube.

-Doesn’t color his hair.

-First tattoo is on his back, and it’s a picture of a monster coming out of their back.

-Foo Fighters and My Chemical Romance would be one of his ideal line-ups.

-Pooch came from Motley Crue when working with them, and was called Big Dawg then.

-Thinks Staind is ok.

-Did Mix Milton Keys, but not Live in Texas.

-Liked working with Big Bang in Korea. *They are a pop band from Korea that consists of five band members.

-Would like to tour India.

-Their days usually consist of 16 hour days.

-There are times that he doesn’t get a finalized set list till 5 minutes before the show starts.

-Really likes the Milton Keys live DVD.

-Loves Rammenstein.

-Likes Linkin Park version of Rolling in the Deep.

-Not a big fan of Adelle.

-Doesn’t know why live from Red Square wasn’t released on DVD.

-Would love to make more LPU Chats in the future.

-Loves France, and got engaged in Paris.

-Won’t release a tour rider with lights and sound information. Not important enough for fans to know, but does go to the promoters.

-Doesn’t stay in touch with Linkin Park outside of work that often. Sometimes gets a nice message from Linkin Park in e-mail, or a tweet from Mike Shinoda.

-There’s a bunch of Songs Pooch would love to see Linkin Park do.

-Likes Rob.

-Thinks Slash is the nicest person to tour with.

-Asked what kind of question is seeing Chester hungry?

-Doesn’t know what Mike’s trolling is.

-Says his ringtone is Justin Bieber.

-Doesn’t know why Chester wears glasses again.

-Won’t marry a fans mom.

-My Chemical Romance was one of his favorite support acts on tour.

-Have to ask his wife to adopt fans.

-Loves to eat food.

-Been to Ukraine.

-Harass management for older shows mixed, or sign a petition he guesses.

-Favorite foreign food to eat is French Food.

-Loves Tacos.

-Loves Thai food, and loves spicy.

-Doesn’t know a lot about Russian food.

-Loves Argentinan meat.

-Phone rings and says “hi honey you are on LPU Chat!”-

-Should have asked if she wanted to adopt some of the songs.

-Doesn’t know anything about the new record.

-Want to become a sound engineer to get started you should apply for a job at an arena, or work for a local sound company that provides sound gear. It gets your foot in the door, and it’s a long road to get where he is today.

-Been to Portugal with System of a Down, and was there for a week.

-Would love to meet people in the LPU Meet & Greets.

-Still doesn’t know what Mike Shinoda’s Trolling was.

-Did a KISS symphony in Sydney.

-If he has time he’ll go to a meet & greet in Moscow.

-Has 5 pairs of glasses.

-Whitney Houston show inside an old Greek auditorium was the most beautiful place he’s ever mixed a show.

-Won’t give the fans his skype.

-Some parts of Whitney Houston’s song was pretty hard to mix live.

-Won’t prank call Mike.

-Not much of a gamer, but does play Angry Birds on his phone; and likes Call of Duty.

-He likes cookies.

-Loves children.

-Loves Coffee.

-Loves Boxers.

-Loves Bacon.

-Loves Headline shows.

-Loves Coke.

-Loves Good Fellows.

-Will see The Raid: Redemption

-Loves Metallica.

-Own a 1996 Pontiac Grand Am. Has 130 K miles on it.

-Loves Julien-K

-Doesn’t buy CDs. He downloads all his music.

-Papercut, and Breaking the Habit are one of his favorite linkin Park songs.

-Digital Designed Profile on his mixing desk.

-Looking forward to The Raid: Redemption.

-Loves The Walking Dead TV Show.

-First equipment bought is a bunch of tube compressors.

-Doesn’t like Dexter.

-Loves Cats.

-No ideas for flash mob ideas, but thinks they are funny.

-Loves Porkchops.

-Loves iPhones

-Don’t drink beer.

-Doesn’t sing.

-Doesn’t eat fast food.

-Loves well-cooked food.

-Said Banana!

-He likes In and Out burger if he had to eat fast food.

-Laughs at take the band and play at a fans wedding.

-Can’t dance.

-Can’t speak French.

-Won’t answer if he likes Obama.

-Miles Kennedy and Chester are two of the best singers in the world in his opinion.

-Loves The Prodigy.

-He’s Happy.

-McIntosh of Choice.

-Doesn’t like Nickelback.

-Likes Coldplay.

-Asks who wants to be adopted.

-Has to go and wants fans to definitely stop by and say hi.

-Wishes everyone a great day, and had fu doing the chat.


Click the picture to see screenshots!

Mike Shinoda LPU Chat April 14th, 2012

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on April 14th, 2012
under: Video Chats

Mike came into the LPU chat unannounced at first, then he tweeted about it. Here are some of the most important things Mike said:

Unannounced Chat:

  • Talked about the spin magazine article.
  • Talked about “Razors Out” and how much he liked it.
  • Asked if we have read the Kerrang! article (where Chester said “ATS was bonkers”) and what we thought of it.
  • He said calling him “Mr. Shinoda” is proper.
  • He drew Garfield.
  • He said he couldn’t get through puzzle number two and asked what fans thought of it.
Announced Chat:
  • Asked if everyone knew the album title already and everyone answered “Living Things” but Mike didin’t say anything.
  • Image on is the single cover for “Burn It Down”
  • Tour announcements on Monday.
  • “(Many) album release dates: Monday”
  • Album presales on Monday, not everywhere though.
  • Said the band is gonna be on Loveline TWICE.
  • Said he doesn’t know about “Deluxe” edition albums.
  • Said “The Raid: Redemption” is going crazy and that it sucks that not everyone can see it with his score, but it’ll eventually go out on DVD.
  • Thanked for supporting the band and being excited about the new music.
  • No more 8-bit Rebbelion updates.
  • “It’s always awesome to come back with new stuff and have people excited about it!” -Mike
  • Says the Spin article is pretty on-point about the new record and that we should all go read it.
  • “You are all awesome. I have to go. BYE
  • “MONDAY IS THE DAY”  -Mike

Screenshots coming.

LPU Brad Chat Summary 3/2/2012

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on March 02nd, 2012

-Brad enters the chat.

-Favorite Part of Recording is being in the studio working with the other guys, and coming up things for songs. It’s a great feeling to him, and is eager to share their new stuff.

-“Wouldn’t you like to know” about the first single?

-Medium Length hair! He wants everyone to appreciate the stye, and has a little beard taking place of big bead.

-Can’t answer engineering questions, and told the fans to go toa musicians institute.

-Likes all the guys in the band.

-Hopes to have new music sometime in the middle in 2012.

-New art design, and the visual part is the exciting part.

-Work hard to play in many different parts of the world, and very excited to see the fans out on the tour.

-53 songs on the new album, but each 20 seconds long.

-Los Angeles where he wants to play at as part of “anywhere in the world”, because he doesn’t have to travel far.

-Talks about the commitment to Power to the World, and thanks the fans for generating awareness.

-Start of the day: Wake up, Opens eyes, turns on TV, keeps PJs on till he has to change into adult clothes, have breakfast before change clothes, and do an LPU Chat. Not a morning person, but more productive at night.

-Wears sweat pants, and a t-shirt to bed in the summer, and if it’s cold a soft sweat shirt to bed.

-Yes to solo German tour, and says they are playing at his friends apartment for this tour. No one will attend, so he will be playing his guitar while in his PJ’s.

-One of the nice things about touring is get to travel all over the world, and it’s great to hear people singing their songs in all the different places.

-Wanted to sing an accapalla on the chat, and can’t sing it because the chat is running opt of time; so the fans have to wait for the new album.

-“Oui oui” and “si si” to great shows in France and Espana.

-New single out: “Linkin Park Time very fast, Internet Time very slow.”

-He considerd to change his name to Big Bad Beardless Brad.

-Brad Leaves