Musical March Madness: Linkin Park vs. The Neighbourhood

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on March 26th, 2014

Linkin Park advanced to the second round of MTV’s Musical March Madness by winning against Capital Cities and now they’re up against The Neighbourhood. Vote for them here.

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Video: Behind The Scenes of ‘Guilty All The Same’

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on March 25th, 2014

Billboard has an exclusive look behind the scenes for Linkin Park’s new music video / video game for ‘Guilty All The Same’. Band members Joe Hahn and Mike Shinoda say they want their fans to literally play with their music. Fans can take it apart and remix both the song and the game any way they want, using the tools provided in “Project Spark,” a free software platform created by Microsoft Corp. that lets players make their own video games on Xbox One and Windows 8 computers.

During the video we get to see a little bit of the potential song titles in Linkin Park’s upcoming album and also Chester’s new leg tat!

In Linkin Park’s version of the game, the protagonist is a character haunted by guilt. The player navigates the character through a dark, slightly sinister environment that threatens to devour him as he tries to flee from the forces of his own guilt. The level resembles a mashup between the racing mechanic of “Temple Run” and the noir art style of “Badland.” The better the player performs, the richer the soundtrack for the song.

“Since I was a kid, I wanted to make games,” Shinoda said in an interview with Billboard.

The idea for the project came last year, when Hahn attended E3, the annual video game convention that took place in June.

“I saw this cool demo for ‘Project Spark,’ and it just blew my mind,” Hahn said. “For me, the next step was to see if we could showcase our next song as a game instead of a video.”

“Project Spark,” developed by a 70-person team in Redmond, Wash., that’s headed by Saxs Persson, went live as a beta software in December. It lets players put together their own games, using simple, modular plug-and-play tools similar in concept to Lego blocks, but for building games. Entire game worlds can be drawn in a couple of minutes using tools that allow players to “paint” environments and textures, as well as drop in objects. Players can share their games with other people who can take it apart to make their own versions.

“The goal is to give people the power to create their own interactive experiences and for everything to be remixable,” said Persson, who once ran Shiny Entertainment, the developer of “Enter the Matrix.”

Though “Project Spark” is still in beta (meaning that the game isn’t in its final version), about 500,000 players are already posting more than 1,300 games a day on the platform. Some have even created movies using just the software’s art and animation tools.

For some bands, the idea of letting fans pick apart their music would be sacrilege. No Doubt, for example, sued game publisher Activision in 2009 for allowing players of “Guitar Hero” to show their game avatars playing another band’s songs.

Linkin Park’s Shinoda and Hahn take a different stance.

“Mike and I met at art school, and we understand that once you make a piece of art and put it out there, people will interpret it their own way, and even re-interpret it as something else,” Hahn said.

It’s not the band’s first, or even second, stab at letting fans interact with their music. Linkin Park’s “Lost in the Echo” let viewers project their own personal photos into the music video via Facebook Connect. Last year, their single “A Light That Never Comes” debuted alongside a free 3D strategy game on Facebook.

Shinoda said he looked forward to seeing what people will create from the band’s new video/game, which is available for free on “Project Spark,” along with stems of the music recording of “Guilty All the Same.”

“I see this as turn-based,” Shinoda said. “We’ve taken our turn, and now it’s up to the fans. Even if it’s silly, as long as it makes me laugh, I don’t mind what people do with it.”

Linkin Park Announces Collaboration with Project Spark

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on March 25th, 2014

Following Mike’s yesterday visit to Microsoft studios in Venice, CA and his hints that an announcement was coming regarding ‘Guilty All The Same’, Linkin Park announced today that they are collaborating with Project Spark and are giving fans the opportunity to create their own interactive, remixable game which will serve as a music video for their new song. Check out Linkin Park’s version below and go here to get started.

“Here it is: our collaboration with Project Spark. Instead of a traditional music Video for GUILTY ALL THE SAME (feat. Rakim), we are giving you this as a starting line for you guys to create and share. This is the first interactive, remixable game. We look forward to seeing what you make with it.” – Joe

Create. Share. Dance. Repeat.

Video Interview: Linkin Park An Evening of Environmental Excellence

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on March 22nd, 2014

Check out Chester and Mike at the UCLA IoES red carpet talking about Music For Relief and all their environmental engagements.

Photos; Linkin Park Honored by the UCLA Institute of Environment and Sustainability

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on March 22nd, 2014
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On March 21st Linkin Park were honored by the UCLA Institute of Environment and Sustainability for their environmental accomplishments with Music For Relief. Mike Shinoda said that the band was initially involved with relief efforts and wanting to do something preventative so they created Music For Relief. See some photos from the reception and also Chester and Mike’s performance, an acoustic version of ‘What I’ve Done’ and ‘Shadow Of The Day’. Everyone was there except Dave but there might be more pictures coming.

Linkin Park, who recently announced their summer tour with Jared Leto and 30 Seconds to Mars, began their work for the environment in 2005 after the band returned from Asia and the Indian Ocean tsunami hit.

Mike Shinoda said they saw the images on the news of the cities they’d just played being completely destroyed.

“At first we were just involved with relief efforts,” Shinoda said. “We realized within the first year that we wanted to do something preventative.”

They created Music for Relief to provide relief to victims of natural disasters and to bring awareness to global warming. Music for Relief has also funded the planting of over one million trees and has raised over $5 million in donations.

Happy Birthday Chester Bennington! Birthday Bash 2014

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on March 20th, 2014
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This is not just a birthday video, this is a tribute to the man behind Linkin Park’s powerful voice, an artist, a musician, a humanitarian. We’re here to celebrate the life and work of this inspiring human and thank him for all the great things that he’s done and still remain so humble.

Happy Birthday Chester Charles Bennington!

We asked fans to contribute to this Birthday Bash as we called it and they did, making this a project worth-remembering. So, huge thank you to those who participated and/or promoted this event, we love you all! We’re not professionals when it comes to video editing but we hope this will satisfy you.

Support Chester’s humanitarian work, check out the full list here.

1st song: Hometown Hero
2nd song: Rip Hop

#HappyBirthdayChesterBennington is the hashtag, log in to twitter, facebook, google+, tumblr and help us trend this!

Interviews: Brad Delson & Mike Shinoda on New Album

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on March 18th, 2014

A couple of interviews have popped up with Brad talking to MusicRadar and Mike talking to HipHopDX. They both discuss the band’s upcoming album and the surprise single ‘Guilty All The Same’ each one with a different approach. While Brad says there will be more collaborations with artists on the album, Mike says no more. The good news is that there’s a lot of guitar solos coming in this, as Mike called it, ” Rock record”. One more song is coming before summer, Chester mentioned that already in an interview with Sixx Sense, and also MusicRadar says the album’s coming late June and not mid-June as it was previously reported.

Brad Delson – MusicRadar

“There’s a lot of guitar solos on the album!” he says with a laugh. “And this is from someone who was quoted early on as saying I hated them.” He catches himself and then clarifies: “Not that I hated them as a listener; I just don’t want to play any; I shirked guitar solos. Early on, I felt as though the songs we were making aesthetically didn’t want them. This new batch of songs, to me, always want solos. I feel like every song has one.”

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Musical March Madness: Linkin Park vs. Capital Cities

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on March 17th, 2014

Linkin Park is up against Capital Cities in the first round of MTV’s Musical March Madness! Vote for them now here.

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Video: Linkin Park Wants to Win MTV’s Musical March Madness

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on March 15th, 2014

Linkin Park are determined to win this year’s Musical March Madness title by MTV. But we gotta nominate them first, because we get to pick who’s even going to be at the competition. So let’s get down to voting!

Because this year, for the first time, we’re letting fans pick all the bands for MMM 2014: You can tweet your picks @MTVNews using the hashtag #MMM.

Chester and Mike want to ‘slam dunk‘ Thirty Seconds to Mars now that Jared’s won an Oscar. Check out their interview!

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Audio: Chester Bennington & Davey Havok Talk to Sixx Sense w/ Nikki Sixx

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on March 14th, 2014
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Finally, Chester’s and Davey’s Interview w/ Nikki Sixx on Sixx Sense has been posted and I gotta tell you it’s REVEALING. Chester says another single will be coming out before the Carnivores Tour kicks off, more collaboration songs will be featured on Linkin Park’s upcoming album. Surprisingly Chester answered a question on whether or not Linkin Park is going to contribute to the soundtrack of the upcoming Transformers movie “Age Of Extinction” by saying that he can’t talk about it! Curious now? He goes onto saying that there might be something happening there and that it makes sense for them to be a part of it! Listen: