Dead By Sunrise Message About Rehearsal No. 2

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on November 05th, 2011

DBS have posted a message on their Facebook page talking a little bit about their second day rehearsal! Are y’all excited for their coemback?

Last nights DBS rehearsal went even better even though we spent most of the night playing with Siri on Ryan’s iPhone.
Seriously hours upon hours of entertainment! My mouth still hurts from laughing so hard! Maybe we will release a video of the shenanigans one day haha

New LPUTV Episode – LPU Summit in Tokyo

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on November 04th, 2011
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Another LPUTV Episode has been made available.

We just posted a new LPU*TV episode from the LPU Summit in Tokyo. LPU members can check it out HERE.

Chester & Bruiser Pose For Pictures (Promo)

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on November 04th, 2011

I have found two pictures of Chester and Bruiser posing for promoting Cardon Childern’s Medical Center.

I added one additional picture from this photocall. Check it out here.

Credit goes to Mr. Dan Friedman photographer for “Raising Arizona Kids” Magazine. Thank you!

Dead By Sunrise to Perform at Stars of the Season Soiree/ Chester & Talinda Interview & Pic

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on November 04th, 2011

Okay so, remember when Ryan announced that Dead By Sunrise would be performing in the US this november? We have the report. Dead By Sunrise is set to play a stripped acoustic set there next Saturday. Here’s what Chester said and what has been reported thus far.

Fresh off a world tour, Chester Bennington, the Arizona-raised lead singer of Linkin Park, is shining his star towards Cardon’s Children’s Medical Center’s Pediatric Rehabilitation Center at the “Stars of the Season” charity event Saturday, November 12th. We admit to being a bit star struck when chatting with Bennington, his wife Talinda and their dog-turned-pet-therapist, Bruiser this week. But what struck us the most about our chat wasn’t details of his Grammy Award winning rap-metal band. We found ourselves awestruck at the the passion and commitment Bennington and his family have for Cardon’s and the future of the growing medical center.

When we asked how a kid from Mesa’s Centennial High struck it big with one of the biggest bands in the world, Bennington graciously chuckled, “Luck. 2% talent and 98% luck.” Hard to believe luck allowed Linkin Park to organically create a new style of metal/rap music, win two Grammy Awards and sell over 50 million albums. But hey, who are we to argue?

But luck had nothing to do with Bennington’s involvement with the Cardon’s charity event this year. He told us inspiration came from a little nudge from his wife, who regularly visits the center with Bruiser, and soon he and his side project band, Dead by Sunrise, were set to play an acoustic set at the elegant dinner soiree. Beyond lending his name and fame to the event, Bennington exhibited to us a commitment to seeing Cardon’s grow year by year.

Sure, he’s sold millions of records and headlined any number of the most prestigious music venues in the world. But Chester Bennington of Linkin Park seems pretty stoked to be the featured entertainment at the second annual Stars of the Season: A Night in Rio at Montelucia Resort & Spa in Scottsdale.

That’s because all proceeds benefit a cause both near and dear to the tattooed rocker’s heart – Cardon Children’s Medical Center in Mesa, Banner Health’s only pediatric medical facility.

Bennington’s wife Talinda, currently expecting twins, has volunteered at Cardon Children’s since it opened.

So has Bruiser, the family’s Boston Terrier.

And Bennington himself has dropped in on his share of patients, signing autographs, posing for pictures and otherwise brightening the day for the patient and singer alike.

“They’re in here struggling through some pretty long days and some pretty intense treatments,” Bennington says, “so it’s kind of cool to see their faces light up when I walk in the room.”

Talinda got involved at Cardon Children’s first.

“Our next-door neighbor is a nurse here,” she says. “And before the hospital was completely built, she knocked on my door and said ‘Banner is building this new children’s hospital. Would you like to be part of it by volunteering as part of fund-raising? With your husband’s name, we believe you could bring a lot to the hospital.’ I came down here and fell in love with it. I walked the hospital and saw what it could be.”

And the timing was perfect.

As Bennington says, “Talinda had really been itching to do something for the community and she wanted to get our dogs, or at least Bruiser, involved in some type of pet program where he could provide some type of companionship or therapy for people.”

Bruiser, as it turns out, likes the work.

“We can volunteer at any Banner hospital,” Talinda says. “But actually, my dog likes to be with the kids. When we go to the adult side, he doesn’t want to go into the rooms and interact with patients. When we come here, he’ll just lie with the child for, like, an hour if they let him.”

Bruiser’s put more time in at the hospital than Bennington.

But to be fair, he does less touring.

“I’ve come down and met some of the children that have had extended stays here or they may have gotten here the night before with a broken arm or something,” Bennington says. “I come down and just kind of say ‘Hi.’ Some of the older kids, older teen or even into the high school years, they get pretty excited. I bring in CDs and pictures to sign and just talk. It’s nice to see them get distracted for a little bit.”

Some kids get more than distracted.

As Dr. David Curran, chair of the medical center’s Department of Pediatrics, recalls with a laugh, “These kids get in their skinny jeans. They get their hair all fixed up. It’s a big deal.”

The Benningtons, who live in Gilbert, helped the hospital secure the entertainment at the first Stars of the Season, Art Alexakis of Everclear. They also donated two LP packages with tickets to a Linkin Park show, which brought in $7,000 each at last year’s auction after Bennington, who couldn’t be there because he was rocking Australia that day, agreed to get on the phone for a chat with winner.

“I leaned over to Talinda,” Curran recalls, “and I said, ‘Would he talk to the winner?’ That got us an extra 2 grand per package.”

This year, Bennington is playing. But the other guys from Linkin Park won’t be there. He’s performing with his other project, Dead by Sunrise.

“We’ll be playing stripped-down, more acoustic,” he says. “It’s not gonna be like a Linkin Park show, but I just had surgery on my shoulder a month ago, so it’s probably better that I’ll be doing a calmer version of my music.”

The event, held Saturday, Nov. 12, is sponsored by the Banner Health Foundation. It has a goal of raising $250,000 in support of the Pediatric Rehabilitation Center at Cardon Children’s. Last year’s event raised $170,000 for the medical center’s Integrative Pediatric Pain Management Program.

Tina Curran, the co-chair, with Monica Monson, of this year’s event, says, “What’s so exciting is that the Pediatric Rehabilitation Center is a center that combines the best physicians and best therapists. A patient can come in and see the physician and the therapist, from birth all the way to 18. It’s in-patient. It’s out-patient. It takes into account the children who need therapy on a weekly basis as well as the children who, at different ages in their life, would need therapy.”

In addition to Bennington’s performance, a Night in Rio will feature a silent auction, a live auction and a raffle, with Jon Kelley of Extra! as the emcee.

“Chester and Talinda have been tremendous supporters,” says Tina Curran. “Last year, it was through Chester and Talinda that we were able to secure Art for our entertainment. And this year, we were so honored, truly, that Chester has said yes, he will play. We know how huge that is.”

And Bennington is glad to do it.

“We have a lot of charities we work with,” he says. “But after coming and seeing the kids and how happy they are to see Bruiser, and all the wonderful people we’ve met and become friends with at the hospital, it really has become something that we’re passionate about. It’s a special thing when you see a child who’s sick or injured. Their lives have been so short and they’re so innocent. There’s so much hope. They just want to live and be healthy. And so, when we raise money this year to bring in the therapies we’re looking for and helping out the families, that’s the rewarding part.”

LPU Giveaway Winner Talks About Phonecall with Mike

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on November 04th, 2011

This was posted on, winner of the phone call with Mike Shinoda LPU member Eddie F. from West Palm Beach talks about his experience.

LP Underground member Eddie F. from West Palm Beach, FL won an LPU giveaway a few weeks back. His prize was a phone call from Mike Shinoda. Here’s what Eddie had to say after the call:

I just had the great honor and privilege of being able to talk with Mike Shinoda. I was so excited when I found out that I had won the contest to receive a call from Mike. It’s pretty surreal to receive a phone call and the other person say “Hi, it’s Mike Shinoda.” Being able to talk with someone you admire is something that not everyone is always able to do and I am fortunate enough to have done just that. I had a great conversation with Mike. He asked me about myself, then we talked about some of his musical influences, his favorite places to tour, and even heard a funny story about Joe from when they were in college. Mike’s a really down to earth guy and a genuinely great person. This whole experience was a dream come true.

Thank you so much Mike. You’re the best.


Uploading Fest; November 2nd

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on November 02nd, 2011

I took some time off and thought that it’d only be appropriate if I hosted another Uploading Festival! Here’s a list of updates and new albums.

Updated Albums

New Albums

Ve’cel 1 Year Anniversary

Video: Linkin Park Visit Ishinomaki City w/ Save The Children & Music For Relief

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on October 28th, 2011

MusicForRelief has uploaded a video on youtube from Linkin Park’s visit to Ishinomaki city after the disaster in Japan. We had seen pictures previously from their visit there.


I also added 221 screenshots!

More Videos & Pictures of Mike at the Billboard Film & TV Music Conf

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on October 26th, 2011
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Here are two more videos of Mike speaking at the conference.

I have also added 5 more pictures.


Peta Photoshoot; New Picture Surfaced

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on October 26th, 2011

It’s been two years since Chester did the photoshoot with Peta and yet a new picture just surfaced and CBN got it in HQ! See the stunning pic below – full size in the gallery.

Video: Mike’s Q&A Session on “The Raid” @ Billboard Film & TV Music Conference

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on October 25th, 2011

Billboard has posted the video of Mike’s Q&A Session on scoring “The Raid”. Watch Below.