Loudwire; Anthrax Vs. Linkin Park – Cage Match

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on January 19th, 2012
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Loudwire is holding something like a competition between metal songs and recently remixed Linkin Park’s Blackout is up against Anthrax’s song “I’m Alive”. If Anthrax wins this round they will proceed to the website’s Cage Match Hall Of Fame. Let’s change that!

Trash-metal legends Anthrax defeated Staind yesterday, bringing their Cage Match record to 4-0. With one more victory, Anthrax’s ‘I’m Alive’ will be inducted into the Loudwire Cage Match Hall of Fame.

In what will be Anthrax’s final bout with ‘I’m Alive,’ the band will face their biggest challenge yet, squaring off with the gigantically popular Linkin Park. While it may seem like an odd pairing, both these songs put the metal to the pedal.

Linkin Park’s ‘Blackout’ has been remixed by one-time Nine Inch Nails member Danny ‘Renholdër’ Lohner for the brand-new ‘Underworld Awakening’ soundtrack. The experimental remix begins with a long electronic sequence, but never fear Linkin Park fans, the song goes into full-on assault mode at the one-minute mark.

Can Anthrax make it into the Cage Match Hall of Fame with their fifth straight victory? Or will Linkin Park start a winning streak of their own? Listen to both tracks and vote for your favorite song below.


LPU Auctions / Mike Talks New Album in Kerrang!

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on January 18th, 2012

The LPU is launching a new auction this Friday. Head over to LPUauctions.com to check out the awesome items.

We will be launching a new LPU auction this Friday, January 20 at 10:30 AM PST. LPU Auctions is a brand new benefit we launched during LPUX, and we’re excited to offer this benefit during LPU11. Head over to LPUauctions.com now to check out the items and register on the site. You must register with the auction site in order to bid on items. Only LPU members will be able to register.

If you have any issues with registering or logging in please email us atlpuauctions@lpunderground.com and we will assist you as soon as we can.

On new album news, Mike talked to Kerrang! about what we can expect off of the new Linkin Park album which is most likely scheduled for release within 2012.

“We’ve got a good rhythm. There’s always a point with each record where we really get our focus and start to generate a lot of material and over the past month and a half we’ve really hit that point. We’re hitting the studio pretty hard right now.”

Rest of the interview on LPA.

Picture; Mike & Dave at Schwarzlicht Minigolf in Berlin

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on January 13th, 2012

Schwarzlicht Minigolf’s facebook page shared this picture of Mike and Dave. This was probably shot when Linkin Park had scheduled a “Transformers: Dark Of The Moon” screening with fans in Berlin near June/July. Although Mike is wearing a beanie in the picture and Phoenix is wearing a scarf but also a short sleeved tee so the date this was shot confuses me. Schwarzlicht Minigolf shared this on December 16th. Click for full size.

Official Google+ Profiles of Linkin Park Band Members

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on January 13th, 2012
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Apparently the Linkin Park band members have taken over Google+. All of their accounts are verified but pretty much unused since none of their pages has been updated, ever. Click on the links below.

Chester on Google+

Dave on Google+

Mike on Google+

Joe on Google+

Brad on Google+

Rob on Google+

CBN Project; Dead By Sunrise, Completed

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on January 12th, 2012
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As you guys may recall I had posted a poll back in the day asking if anyone would be interested in an individual Dead By Sunrise site, but still a significant part of CBN, and the positive response we got was massive. Well, finally, after a lot of months of hard work it’s finally here.


What you’ll find:

  • Pictures; Live or not
  • Video Interviews
  • Audio Interviews (Previously unreleashed)
  • Lyrics

and many, many more.

The site doesn’t have ALL the interviews and videos yet but, we’re working on it. I also need a couple of Germans and a French peep to translate some interviews for our site, so if you’re interested email us at chesterbnetwork@gmail.com.

I added some pictures to celebrate this launching!

Click here to see all the latest additions.

For all the latest additions of videos, pictures and other stuff follow @DeadBSunriseCBN!


LPU Chat w/ Dave; January 11th

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on January 11th, 2012

Credit shinodadork/@shinodadork

Please click the picture to see more Phoenix screenshots in the CBN Gallery!

We kept track of what Phoenix said in the LPU chat today and put it together like we always do for you non members.

  • - Phoenix welcomes everyone to the LPU Chat, and says if the person texting him is Mark Fiore to stop texting him.
  • -Phoenix Hat he is currently wearing is free.
  • -Phoenix says that he is working hard on upcoming Linkin Park Projects, and a new single be out sooner than possible.
  • -Phoenix says he’s not sure where Linkin Park is touring in Europe, and to be determined.
  • -Phoenix says that they will definitely be touring west of the usa.
  • -Phoenix says he is always pranking Mike, and he doesn’t remember any good pranks at the moment.
  • -Phoenix says LP’s Greatest Hits album doesn’t exist.
  • -Phoenix likes Avenged Sevenfold, and surprised they haven’t toured together yet.
  • -Phoenix says the new sound of the new album is coming together in a lot of different ways, and pushing themselves into experimenting with new things and sounds.
  • -Phoenix says that this record will feel different again than the things they done in the past.
  • -Phoenix favorite Soccer team is Manchester United only because he watched this team a lot while growing up, and when he was over in Europe he got to see a lot of Soccer players team.
  • -LA Galaxy is Phoenix’s Favorite.
  • -Phoenix’s first metal band he listened to was Anthrax.
  • -Phoenix favorite bass player doesn’t lend itself to the metal genre, and a converted guitarist. He never considered himself a good guitarist, and he started on violin, and taught himself bass.
  • -Phoenix loves Paul Mcartney’s bass play, and Adam from U2s playing.
  • -Phoenix thinks he’s not technical enough to do ripping solos.
  • -Phoenix says that they hope to play Robot Boy live. No plans as of now to play it, but a fun challenge to pull off.
  • -Phoenix says he doesn’t know if to expect a heavier sound or not. He feels questions like that are determined on taste and opinion.
  • -Phoenix is talking about how Rob is the drummer of LP, has a dry sense of humor, quiet, reserved, and don’t mistake his lack of speak with deep thinking. Rob is also awesome and a great drummer.
  • -Phoenix says they’ve written upwards 40 to 50, but working on maybe 15 to 20. Still writing new ideas in the process, and some closer to finish than others; and others close to the point to get really excited about.
  • -Phoenix says he might sing in a little bit.
  • -Phoenix says no plans to release Live in Red Square DVD, and says for people to watch it online.
  • -Phoenix says Snaxx reunion very unlikely.
  • -Phoenix says he eats, works out, and maybe golfs while touring.
  • -Phoenix says he would be a powerful forward for the LA Lakers if he wasn’t a musician, and he be 7 ft tall and he says he’s only 6’5.
  • -Phoenix doesn’t know what happened in the TV series The Bachelor’s.
  • -Phoenix says he had a crazy illness come over him that made him really sick where to the point he had to have his tech replace him during the Show in Thailand. He says his tech replacement, Ted, is a really great guy, and Phoenix was happy that the show carried forward; and says it was fun.
  • -Phoenix name comes from the movie Mystery Men, because one guy tries to impress a girl, and he ended up giving himself the nickname Phoenix.
  • -Phoenix doesn’t care if people impersonate him on twitter with their fake accounts, and he thinks they waste their time.
  • -Phoenix talks about the Power to the world, and their first project is solar lighting in Haiti. He says he’s become really passionate about Haiti, and only 25% people in Haiti have access to the power grid. With a $10 to http://powertheworld.org/ afford one solar light to the people of Haiti. Also, spread the message to twitter, FB, blogs, outlets, and just let people know the message. With this lighting people can function more, students can study in the evenings, and children can play. People can walk around at night without fear of predators, and violence. Point is powertotheworld.org read up on it and get informed.
  • -Phoenix talks about how he sprained his ankle on the “Live in Texas” DVD, and thought it was weird that scene was included.
  •  -Phoenix says that the American and European fans have different settings. Europe tends to move with music, and America seems a tight pit. In general he says that fans from all over the world including Europe, US, South America, Asia, Australia, and everywhere they play he finds the fans awesome.
  • -phoenix says relationship Siri is not good. He thinks Siri doesn’t understand him, and she doesn’t like to answer his questions in any sort of helpful manner.
  • -Phoenix still loves the Hybrid Theory record, and listens to it every now and then, and is a great record.
  • -Phoenix says he doesn’t meditate.
  • -Phoenix did enjoy ATS.
  • -Phoenix says they try to blend in different old stuff with things they are doing. Last tour they were trying to mix in stuff to the set list. Somewhere I belong is a song they like to sprinkle in.
  • -Phoenix says he likes to read different styles of books, and read Ultra Marathon Man about a guy who likes to run ultra marathons and ultra distances. Also likes to read Golf.
  • -Phoenix says that he is half Canadian and would love to tour Canada more.
  • -Phoenix has read To Kill A Mockingbird.
  • -Phoenix says the record process always comes up differently, and after ATS they really never left the mental mode of the studio. Anytime they been home in between tours they’ve been in the studio and been writing.
  • -Phoenix likes UFC fighter Anderson Silva.
  • -Phoenix says he could make a giveaway with his cap.
  • -Phoenix says he makes old people noises, and they are his thinking noises; and has embraced it.
  • -Phoenix says that they think they will use violins in the next album, who knows.
  • -Phoenix loves cats.
  • -phoenix says poweroftheworld.org to visit to get educated, and informed on what Linkin Park is doing, and why. Go check it out! That be awesome, and he thanks people in advance.
  • -Phoenix says they are touring soon and keep a look out on linkinpark.com
  •  -Phoenix says Adam is awesome, and probably not even watching anymore.
  •  -Phoenix says he wears inner ear monitors to hear what’s going on since it makes the stage really quiet, and they control what he is hearing.

By:  Kameiko/@NephthysPhoenix

Video: Mike Talks to TMI @ KROQ Almost Acoustic Christmas

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on January 11th, 2012
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TMI caught up with Mike backstage at the KROQ Almost Acoustic Christmas! Check the video out below.


Vote for Linkin Park at MTV’s 2012 Year Of The Hero

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on January 09th, 2012

Linkin Park have been nominated as 2012’s Rock Heroes amongst Coldplay, Foo Fighters, Muse, My Chemical Romance, Paramore and more so the competition looks pretty stiff. Let’s Show ‘em! Go HERE to vote. Voting closes on January 22nd and the winners will be announced on February 4th.

Source: @SoldiersLA via Mike’s twitter.


Linkin Park Signed Guitar Auction

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on January 09th, 2012

Linkin Park have signed an Epiphone Gibson Guitar which is up for auction here to benefit Habitat For Humanity.

Take home this autographed Epiphone Guitar (a part of the Gibson Family of brands) from Habitat for Humanity friends and volunteers and Music for Relief founders,Linkin Park. Signed by Chester Bennington, Rob Bourdon, Brad Delson, Dave Farrell, Joe Hahn, and Mike Shinoda.

Source: Contactmusic.com

Linkin Park Radio Update

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on January 08th, 2012
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From Mike’s blog:

LP radio has been updated with some new music and words.

Listen now!