Linkin Park Live Pictures; Singapore F1 Grand Prix

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on September 26th, 2011

Last night Linkin Park played in Singapore, their last show for this year’s Asian tour. The Internet blew up with amazing pictures, I have uploaded 100 so far.

UPDATE: I have added 40 more pictures including two M&G (?) pictures, thanks Leila!

Message from Chester / More Live Pictures from Bangkok, Thailand

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on September 25th, 2011

Previously I posted about Chester and Joe visiting the Lotus Renault GP garage, Chester left a message on Linkin Park’s Facebook page telling us about it.

Having a blast in Singapore. Yesterday, we got a tour of the track and met several F1 drivers. Here’s a photo with us and Force India driver Adrian Sutil. We play for 40,000 people tonight following the race. Can’t wait. -Chester

I have also added 90 more pictures from LP’s show in Bangkok!

Chester & Joe Visit Lotus Renault GP at the Marina Bay Circuit

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on September 25th, 2011
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Yesterday Chester and Joe visited the team’s garage in Singapore where they perform at the F1 gig today. I have added 23 pictures of them visiting the garage… Imma add more later. See what Chester has to say about it.

“We’re so thrilled to be performing for F1 fans in Singapore. We had an amazing tour of the Lotus Renault GP garage and we wish Bruno, Vitaly and the entire team a successful weekend”, said Chester Bennington, the band’s lead singer.

Seems like Chester has broken his left arm… We have no information on how it happened, I hope he’s alright. :/

Linkin Park on “Breaking Dawn” soundtrack.

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on September 25th, 2011


Original soundtrack listing has been released and it doesn’t involve Linkin Park.

The website which posted the track listing has taken the page down. I call fake on this one.

It has been rumoured that Linkin Park will be featured on the new Twilight ‘Breaking Dawn’ Soundtrack. No official information has been released from the guys but here is the track list for the film.


Rumored Soundtrack listing.
1. Too late – Muse
2. Love me like the world is ending – Ben Lee
3. Someone like you – Adele
4. Sister Rosetta – Noisettes
5. Line of danger – Linkin Park
6. Disease – Paramore
7. Cup half empty – Claire Leah
8. It will rain – Bruno Mars
9. Corner of the room – The Fray
10. Falling – Coldplay
11. Tumble weed – Foo Fighters
12. Up all night – Blink-182
13. I’m sorry – Anya Marina
15. In the dark – 100 Monkeys
16. Heartbeat – Eminem
17. Savve her – Carter Burwell
18. I go to sleep – Sia



More information on the soundtrack will be released on the 26th September 2011. The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 1 soundtrack is released on the 8th November 2011. Hopefully we will receive more information from Linkin Park nearer the time. Check out more information here.

Linkin Park Live Pictures; Bangkok, Thailand

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on September 24th, 2011

I have added 32 pictures of Linkin Park’s show in Bangkok yesterday, I’ll have more added by the end of the hour.

Chester Announces Bangkok Concert / Thanks Thai Fans / Shinoda ATS Promo Picture

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on September 23rd, 2011

Check out this video of Chester shouting out Thai fans as well as announcing the show in Bangkok which will take place today.

[iframe 420 315]


Also, I found this ATS Promo picture of Mike on Facebook. I don’t know if that’s legitimately him on Facebook, and no I don’t mean a profile but a subscriber page. Legit or not? Check it here.

On a side note check out another video coverage of Linkin Park’s show in Jakarta.


More Pictures from Jakarta / M&G Pictures / 3 TV Coverages

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on September 22nd, 2011

Seems like Jakarta blew up after the Linkin Park concert there on Wednesday. Lots of material we got!

First of all I have added 150+ pictures 250+, some of them are just amazing.

Secondly; M&G pictures! Linkin Park Fans Indonesia attended the show and M&G and have shared their pictures on their website, so go HERE to check them out.

And now, I have come across three different Indonesian Video Coverages of the LP Show featuring various moments from it.

[iframe 300 400]



Go HERE to check out the third one. Or watch and download here.

Interview w/ Rob; Linkin Park Wows Fans With Jakarta Concert

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on September 22nd, 2011
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JakrtaGlobe has done several interviews with various Linkin Park members the past few days. Looks like it’s Rob’s turn now! He talked to them before the concert in Jakarta, Indonesia.

Nu metal rockers Linkin Park performed to an eager crowd on Wednesday night at Bung Karno Stadium in South Jakarta.

The show was one of the final stops on the band’s A Thousand Suns world tour, which kicked off last October. After two more stops in Bangkok and Singapore, the members of Linkin Park will return home to the United States.

Wednesday night’s show was Linkin Park’s second appearance in Indonesia. It first performed here in 2004.

Fans Donie Ajo, 21, and Galang Ajieprayoga, 20, remembered being too young to attend the 2004 show in Ancol, North Jakarta. They said they lived outside the capital and they had not been allowed to skip school to go to the concert.

Galang, now a university student, said there was no way he was going to miss Wednesday’s show and the chance finally to see his favorite band play live.

“I’m even a member of LPU,” he said, referring to Linkin Park Underground, the band’s official fan club.

To pay for the concert ticket, which cost between Rp 550,000 and Rp 2.5 million ($60 and $280), Galang said he was prepared to sell his mobile phone, though it didn’t actually come to that. He said he managed to get together enough money to secure himself a good seat.

Donie, who works as a waiter, said he did not mind splashing out for a ticket. He bought one of the cheapest tickets, off to the side of the stage, and arrived at the venue early to make sure he could get a good seat.

Galang, Donie and all the other fans were rewarded with a balanced set of new material and old favorites. Linkin Park played a total of 23 songs drawn from its first three albums, “Hybrid Theory” (2000), “Meteora” (2003) and “Minutes to Midnight” (2006), as well as its newest album, “A Thousand Suns,” which was released last September.

The concert began around 8:30 p.m. with “The Requiem,” a track from the new album. When the band moved into “Papercut,” from its first album, the crowd went wild.

The band proceeded to pump up the volume with “Given Up,” from “Minutes to Midnight,” “New Divide,” which was featured on the soundtrack for “Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen,” and “Faint,” from “Meteora.”

In an interview before the show, drummer Rob Bourdon said the band always tried to pick songs that they thought would do justice to each album in its live shows. He added that the band took note of fan reactions and concert reviews after each show and tour.

“We have a few different set lists that we alternate each night, so each night we will play something different,” he said. “There are certain songs that we’ve been playing for over 10 years, but on a certain night, you can just be in the moment and really enjoy the song.”

If they ever start to feel bored playing certain hits, Bourdon said all they needed to do was look out at the audience and feed off the fans’ enthusiasm for the music.

“When you see them, it’s really hard not to be excited about it,” he said. Bourdon said the band always looked forward to playing in places like Jakarta, where audiences do not get to see a lot of international performers.

He said touring was always about finding a balance between performing and mixing music in the studio. The band is already working on new material for its fifth album. Bourdon added that the band was always writing something to keep the creative juices flowing.

He said the process of recording 2006’s “Minutes to Midnight” had brought the band to a new creative level, one that involved all of the members writing and sharing ideas and material.

“ ‘Minutes to Midnight’ is the first time we kinda broke down the box, the walls and the rules, but we had a lot of struggle to do that,” Bourdon said.

He said the band’s latest album, “A Thousand Suns,” captured this newfound synergy between the members. Bourdon also thanked producer Mike Rubin for his input on the new album.

By trying to balance the expectations of both old and new fans, Bourdon said Linkin Park was experiencing an artistic revolution as they challenged themselves to create something new. “[But] we are still the same band that made ‘Hybrid Theory’ and ‘Meteora,’ ” he said.

After heading home from the lengthy world tour, the members of Linkin Park will have a few weeks to relax before their next show in Florida in October. After that, the band plans to get back into the studio to work on the new album.

Linkin Park Live Pictures; Jakarta, Indonesia / Indonesian TV Coverage

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on September 21st, 2011

Couple of things here, I have added 27 pictures of Linkin Park playing in Indonesia – Imma add more soon-.

Also go HERE to check out an Indonesian TV Coverage on the LP Show. Download or watch here.

MFR; Linkin Park & Music For Relief Visit Children in Disaster-Hit Areas Of Japan

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on September 21st, 2011

Music For Relief has a new blog post up on their site about Linkin Park band members: Chester, Mike & Dave who visited children in various areas of Japan which have been hit by the disasterous earthquake and tsunami.

Within days following the disaster, Linkin Park launched a massive fundraising campaign through Music for Relief, with all proceeds going to Save the Children’s relief and recovery efforts in Japan.

Six months later, Linkin Park was on the ground in the north-eastern town of Ishinomaki to witness first-hand how children are coping, and see how Save the Children’s efforts are making a difference in the recovery process.

The first stop was Taizen elementary school, where band members met the principal and listened to his story of what it was like for him and the kids at his school the day the disaster struck. The band then went up to meet with the children in grade 6 who have been practicing their emergency drills, now with new disaster-preparedness hoods given to them by Save the Children. Linkin Park band members Chester Bennington, Mike Shinoda and Dave Farrell got to try on the disaster hoods and learn how these help protect children from falling debris and possible fires – reducing the risk that children face when disaster hits. As some 20% of the world’s earthquakes take place in Japan, preparing for the next disaster is a key component to keeping children safe. Band member Mike Shinoda then visited the school’s child-care center, for kids aged 6-9, where he got to see some of the materials Save the Children has provided the center – including back-to-school kits and backpacks, games for the children, and emergency kits with flashlights and other essential items to help protect children in the event of a future earthquake or tsunami.

The band members then headed to Ishinomaki Kita High School, where they were greeted by a group of excited fans. The band toured the campus, and joined in a music class with the students, witnessing first-hand how music and play can bring joy to those recovering from a major natural disaster. In a workshop led by Save the Children partner “Drum Café”, the teens and the band members were given tam-tams and challenged to follow the rhythms of the Drum Café percussionists.

“It was incredible to see firsthand the happiness in the students’ faces, despite the hardships they have endured for the past six months,” said Shinoda. “It was an honor to represent Music For Relief and our supporters worldwide on this visit, bringing their good wishes to the young people still recovering.”

Six months after the earthquake, although children’s immediate needs have been met, the longer-term recovery is a process that will take years, says Save the Children. “The first six months are only the beginning. From our experience responding to disasters around the world – from Katrina and Christchurch, to Pakistan and Haiti – we know that recovering from a natural disaster of this scale is a long process that entails much more than brick and mortar. Children and their communities need to recreate their social links and cope with the emotional wounds left behind by the disaster,” said Save the Children CEO Hironobu Shibuya. The organization has launched a five-year recovery program, funded by generous contributions from donors around the world, including Linkin Park’s Music for Relief. “Linkin Park’s visit has been so important to us in highlighting the longer-term needs of children in recovering from this disaster, and helping our donors see the impact our response has had to date.”

Music for Relief was created by Linkin Park in 2005 to provide aid for those affected by the Indian Ocean Tsunami, and has since raised over 4 million USD towards humanitarian relief efforts.

Save the Children has been working in Japan for 25 years, and responding to children’s needs in emergencies around the world for over 90 years.